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Memberikan uang untuk orang tua atau saudara

muslimfamily Pertanyaan:


Saya ingin bertanya tentang masalah memberikan uang untuk orang tua atau saudara. Apakah ada aturan atau batasan yang menentukan soal itu? Saya tinggal di luar negeri dan di kampung halaman saya tidak punya rumah. Saya cuma ingin tahu dari sisi agama, hak orang tua saya atas penghasilan yang saya peroleh.

Terima kasih dan Jazakallah.

Is it allowed to put alcohol perfumes on clothes?


Is it allowed to put alcohol perfumes on clothes like hugo boss and others.i am very fond of using it but since listened that it is not allowed i stopped it .i am not talking about attar.i am talking about alcohol perfumes.


There is a difference of opinion among scholars about the use of perfume with alcohol content.

Why Abu Hurayrah, Ibn Umar, Anas, Aishah, etc. have reported more traditions than Abu Bakr and Umar?


Why were most of the hadith narrated by Abu Hurayrah(RA) and Anas Malik and not by Abu Bakr(RA) and Umar(RA) despite the very were the closest companions of the Holy Prophet(SAWS)?


You have raised an important question. Abu Hurayrah, Ibn Umar, Anas, Aishah, etc. have reported more traditions than Abu Bakr and Umar; the reasons are not hard to find. Let me try to explain:

Spending money on parents/brother and sister

muslimfamily Question:


I want to ask about the issue of spending on parents/brother and sister. Are there any rules/limits defined for spending? I am living abroad, no house in my home country. I just want to understand the right of my parents on my earnings from religious perspective.

Thanks and Jazak Allah.

Ucapkan shalawat serta salam bagi Rasulullah Saw. dengan Shalawat Ibrahimiyah

muhammad Shalawat Allah kepada Nabi, berarti Allah memberi berkah, penghargaan, dan menempatkan Rasulullah yang mulia disisi-Nya. Kemudian shalawat Malaikat kepada Nabi adalah memberi salam penghormatan atas diangkatnya kemuliaan dan kerasulan Muhammad, sebagaimana penghormatan malaikat kepada Nabi Adam as. serta juga memintakan ampunan untuknya, dan shalawat orang beriman adalah menjadi doa bagi dirinya. Kita diperintahkan berdoa kepada Allah agar Allah mencurahkan lebih banyak kehormatan dan rahmat kepada Rasulullah Saw..

A Few tips to stay away from sins

taubat Since Satan is our avowed enemy, and he is always bent on leading us astray, we cannot guard ourselves against him, unless we are extremely vigilant. It is not different from walking in a jungle full of prickly thorns, hard rocks, and dangerous pits: we cannot escape unscathed without extreme caution. Here are a few tips to follow, which should--insha Allah--help us in our efforts to save ourselves from sins:

1) You need to motivate yourself by visualizing clearly the pain and dire consequences of sins you wish to shun. Do this by listing the consequences of sins, including the eternal torments in hell-fire. List the dire consequences and fix them in your mind so vividly so that you are forced to change your association of sins with pleasure; hence no sooner you think of a sin, all you imagine is pure pain and suffering;

Send peace and blessings upon the Prophet with As-Salatul-'Ibrahimiyyah

muhammad Scholars are of the opinion that Allah’s Blessing of His Prophet is a mercy that He Almighty bestows on him. Likewise, the angels’ prayers for the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) are a means of seeking forgiveness for him, and the believers' seeking blessings for the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is a supplication for him. We are enjoined to pray to Allah to bestow more honor and mercy on His Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).