Is it allowed to put alcohol perfumes on clothes?


Is it allowed to put alcohol perfumes on clothes like hugo boss and others.i am very fond of using it but since listened that it is not allowed i stopped it .i am not talking about attar.i am talking about alcohol perfumes.


There is a difference of opinion among scholars about the use of perfume with alcohol content. The most common view has been that it is not different from the use of alcohol or intoxicants. A number of modern scholars, however, consider the issue differently: they rule the use of such perfumes as permissible or excusable for a number of reasons:

1) The alcohol content in such perfumes is minuscule; as such, it is excusable; it is different from khamr (which is undboutedly  forbidden) and is solely made for intoxication. The alcohol content in the perfumes is due to chemical changes; and thus it is comparable to the alcohol contents found in various degrees in all fermented foods; yet no one considers such foods as haram. It is also worth remembering that traditionally some of the schools have ruled the permissibility of nabidh. Nabidh is fermented drink which is not free of elements of alcohol; the only distinction between khamr and nabidh is the degree of fermentation and the resulting intoxication it produces in the consumer.

2) The perfumes are for external use only; they mostly evaporate on contact with air.

Hence there is no need to be rigid on this issue. If, however, a person still has reservations about the use of such perfumes, it is best that he avoids them. But, he should not object to those who use them.

Having said this, I need to add a word of caution: the flexibility mentioned above can never be extended to foods cooked with wine or alcohol. There is no way to consider them as permissible as it is an altogether different issue.