Specific prayers or Dua's that will help a couple get pregnant


Are there any specific prayers or Dua's that will help a couple get pregnant?  


Although there are no prescribed prayers that we can readily find in the sources for this specific purpose, you can freely make use of any general prayers or supplications from the Qur’an, the Sunnah or from the salaf al-ssalih (pious forbears): So turn to Allah through them, invoke His favour or beseech His mercy. Allah says, ‘Call upon Me, I will answer your prayer” So never despair of Allah’s mercy but pray unceasingly with hope while placing all your trust in Him; perchance He may respond to your prayer.

I can suggest two prayers which are culled from the Prayers of previous Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. Both of these supplications were used by Prophet Zakari’ah, who prayed to Alalh, in an extreme state of bareness and feeble old age to grant him a righteous offspring. Allah answered his prayers by offering him the gift of a son called Yahya who was a great Prophet, may Allah best His peace on all of them.

Rabbi hab lee min ladunka dhurriyyatan tayyibatan innaka samee’ al-ddu’a

(My Lord, grant me a virtuous offspring as a pure gift of Yours, for verily, You are the Hearer of prayers.)”

Rabbi laa tadharnee fardan wa anta arhmau al-rrahimeen

(My Lord, do not leave me childless, though You are the best of heirs.)”

It is recommended that once in a while both of you offer salatul hajah for this purpose: Salatul hajah, as stated by the Prophet, peace be upon him, is intended to teach us how to turn to Allah for help and succour when we are faced with specific needs or requests. Your need for offspring can be included in this category.

So offer two rak’ahs with the niyyah (intention) of performing the sunnah of salatul hajah and then read the prescribed du’a (which you can find in any reliable Prayer Book) and then supplicate to Allah by using the above any other prayers which you may freely choose.

It is important that while offering du’as we must be sincere in cherishing faith in Allah, and pray unceasingly and incessantly, without ever losing hope in Allah’s mercy.

Furthermore, you should also follow up your du’as with any good works that you can afford to do such as giving charities. We are told in the Hadith that charities are extremely beneficial in gaining benefits as well as in preventing harms.

Last but not least, I must also point out the above actions should not prevent you from consulting the specialists in the field, for Islam teaches us to seek medical help and get treatments if we are suffering from any condition that can be cured or treated. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “O servants of Allah, treat yourself through medications, for Allah who sends down diseases sends down cures as well.”

Source: Islam.ca