Why is Palestine so special for Muslims around the world?

palestinaWhy is Palestine so special for Muslims around the world? Some of us may be asked like that.

Why is Palestine so special so Muslim around the world condemns the military aggression that done by Israel and Muslims giving a big support to the Palestinian people in Gaza?

How to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine

palestinaAs Muslims it is our religious duty to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Palestine and every part of the world; we must also show solidarity with the oppressed in any part of the world regardless of their religious or racial or ethnic affiliations.

When we come to specific ways of translating this solidarity into practical steps, we can classify them into long term and short term measures.

Du'a (prayer) for The Palestinians

palestinaEvery Muslim is a brother. Prophet Muhammad described the relationship between a Muslim by another Muslim as a member of the body, when one of the members of the body feel pain then the whole body will also feel the pain.

Currently Palestinian people's suffering as a result of Israeli military attacks that have been ongoing since a few days ago. We as a fellow Muslim brothers can give assistance to them and one help for them is always to include them in our du'a or prayers.

Is it allowed in Islam to use viagra or drugs to enhance sexual pleasures?


Is it allowed or accepted Islamically that people use this Viagra or other kinds of drugs to enhance their sexual pleasures?


A Muslim must never live solely for gratification of sexual pleasures. However, since sexual fulfillment has been considered as a legitimate human need, according to Islam, it is considered permissible for a person to make use of drugs that are considered safe—if he is suffering from a sexual dysfunction.

How to strengthen love for the Prophet

muhammad Our love of the Prophet, peace be upon him, is bound to be enhanced if we were to read his seerah and study his life-examples as set out in the sunnah diligently; such studies have moved thousands of scholars throughout centuries to dedicate their entire lives to learning and transmitting them. The library is full of their works.
In order to enhance our love of the Prophet think of the following:
1) Think of this humble servant of Allah who never tired of reminding himself that he was a humble servant of Allah; he said, I am a servant of Allah; I eat like a servant, sit like a servant and walk like a servant.

Ethics when making du'a (praying)

berdoaAnd when My servant question thee concerning Me, then surely I am nigh. I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he crieth unto Me. So let them bear My call and let them trust in Me, in order that they may be led aright. (Al-Baqarah: 186)

With the du'a (praying), human communicating with his creator and with the du'a human admitted his weakness in front of his creator. The du'a is a weapon for those who believe because they believe that Allah will listen and grant their du'a.

Is it wrong to shape one’s eyebrows?

mata Question:

Is it wrong to shape one’s eyebrows if they are too broad?


There is a difference of opinion among scholars regarding whether one is permitted in Islam to shape or trim one’s eyebrows.

According to a group of scholars, shaping one’s eye-brows is considered as forbidden,