Drupal Tutorial Series --- Installation

Some friend told me to share my experience using drupal. They think drupal very difficult, not like other CMS (Content Management System). Do drupal so difficult and complicated?
I'll try to write simple tutorial about drupal, hopefully it could help you to learn. If you are reading drupal handbook perhaps you'll get confused, so many terms and words that we don't understand. Yes, it is drupal. First time everything seems difficult and you'll need an extra attention but in the end you will know why are you choose it.

1. Installation

We can use automatic drupal installation using Fantastico and for the beginner it will be easier.


Drupal Installation using Fantastico

Drupal Tutorial Series : Terminology

drupalThere are many words and terms in drupal we should to know. It will help you learn drupal.

are boxes of content that may be rendered into certain regions of your web pages. Blocks can be placed in various content areas. They are usually generated automatically by modules, but administrators can create blocks manually.

are a collection of links (menu items) used to navigate a website.

Google Adsense Code in Drupal 6

I have another sites, www.erakomputer.com, and it was build using Drupal 6.2. I thought Drupal 6 must be better than the previous versions so I decided to use it. But that's wrong -- perhaps until right now,  we can't find contributed modules in Drupal 6 as much as in Drupal 5. For example adsense modules. Until today in Drupal site, adsense modules only available for drupal 4 and 5.

So, I decided to use a block and put manually my adsense code there.

Administrator >> Site building >> Blocks >> Add Block

Then activate the block. But it not working. The adsense code show as a text in a block.