Fitna VS Almouftinoun VS Schism

One month ago Fitna the movie was released. Fitna was created by Geert Wilders, a dutch parliamentarian and he got some help from his friend during the film production. The earlier plan was to launch the film in TV station in Netherland but it was failed. Finally Fitna was released in a video sharing website and suddenly Wilders become a very popular person on earth. Blessing in disguise, the right word for liveleak. It help Liveleak to increase the web traffic and to promote the website. The following day, Liveleak removed the film from their servers after
receiving threats especially to their employee.

Many of Muslim scholar and world figure condemned the movie. They think Fitna is full of dislikeness and it could be a factor that can increasing dislikeness in different religion communities. After the released of Fitna, 2 short films released in youtube as a contra-movie and an answer of Fitna, Almouftinoun and Schism, named of the movies. Almouftinoun created by AEL (Arabic-European Liga) and schism created by a blogger from Saudi Arabia Raed Alsaeed.

Almouftinoun was released on March 28, 2008 or just one day after the released of Fitna movie in This film is highlighting Wilders as a racist and close friend of Israel government. The film was created by the AEL because they find that Muslims are being marginalised and discriminated by Fitna.

Schism is the second countra-movie of Fitna. It was created by a blogger from Saudi Arabia and it feel more individually because it contain a satire for Fitna which being discredit Muslims. The film is challenging Mr. Wilders and try to tell the whole world he created schism only in several hours and he said it was easy to take a piece of one holy book and make the holy book as a book full of dislikeness, provocative and teaching to kill.

Both contra-movie of Fitna was very interesting. Both films give a very clear answer of Fitna and tell the world it easy to created a film that contain of cheap mind on one things, dislikeness and revenge to one community. What should be in our mind is not right to describe characteristic, attitude and deed one religion based on a piece of verses. This things also said in the last part of Schism.

There is a parable with sentences like this :

1. One day me and my friends went to the jungle with swords in our hand.

2. We kill the living things out there.

3. We cut their throat off, blood were all over us.

4. But we are glad we can kill them.

If we read from the first until the fourth sentences, what could be in our mind is a someone full of dislikeness, sadist, ruthless and not civilized. Maybe it's a first view when we read the sentences. Do our view will change if we read the whole story completely so it become a full story.

5. The beast who intrude us was the one we killed.

or perhaps could be like this :

5. I had it all in my dream last night.

We'll see it had so many differences if we read the story completely. Just like that what really happen in Fitna and Schism movies.

Fitna, Almouftinoun and Schism movies is a product of globalisation and information. It will need a big respect and tolerance between different religion communities to face it. One thing in common is how the three films use the internet as a media to spread their films.


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