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How to remove and clean your computer from worm.win32.netbooster spyware

virussYesterday my brother download Foxpro applications from internet. Then he installed the applications on my laptop but suddenly he said the desktop icons and start programs were missing, antivirus were not active and a meesage box on the Desktop that keep saying "security warning worm.win32.netbooster detected on your machine. this virus distributed via internet through email and active-x objects".

He send me a message and told me what happened to the laptop. He seems so panic because he can't turn off the Windows and I told him to turn off the Windows from the power button.

Thats what happened to my laptop yesterday. Perhaps someone out there had same problems just like I did. Then I am start to find out more about this 'spyware' from the Internet and I find some interesting informations about it.

You have unwittingly launched a very nasty Smitfraud program that is falsely reporting "worm.win32.netbooster" as the infection. Smitfraud applications are programs that are used to download rogue security products and change the user's desktop to display false warnings that the computer is infected with spyware.

Smitfraud attacks show fake antispyware programs popups on your screen and/or a balloon popup from the windows system tray displaying a warning message that your computer is infected with spyware (here it is falsely calling it worm.win32.netbooster) and telling you to purchase, download & install their program to remove it. Often, it will hijack your desktop and publish a warning message in big letters (with their weblink) on your desktop wallpaper.

That's exactly what happens to my laptop. One of the source also give an information how to remove the 'spyware'.

1. Download SmitFraudFix and save on your pen drive.

2. Turn on Windows in Safe mode, you can do this by tap F8 continually at start up (Don't be surprise if you see a different Windows Logon menu. There you will see Administrator and User accounts. Choose to use User account)

3. Turn off System Restore, you can do this by uncommented menu on Control Panel --- System --- System Restore Tab

4. Plug in your pen drive and double click SmitFraudFix programs.

How to use SmitFraudFix programs:

A. Select 1 and hit Enter to create a report of the infected files. The report can be found at the root of the system drive, usually   at C:\rapport.txt

B. Select 2 to delete infected files and clean your registry. This process will take a time, be patient.

C. Select 3 to restore Trusted and Restricted site zone.

D. Reboot

And now my Windows XP is back to normal again. 

Note: Update your antivirus definitions and scan the system after you have clean your Windows XP.


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