The correct way to teach children and call them to Allah


How should I call my young brothers who are around the age of ten to be religiously committed, so that they will grow up as committed Muslims? What methods should I use with them?


Praise be to Allah.

We advise you to teach them the Qur’an and the saheeh Sunnah, and the good manners of Islam, such as honouring one’s parents, upholding ties of kinship, honesty, trustworthiness, etc.

Make sure that they regularly pray in jamaa’ah. Also teach them the Islamic etiquette of eating, drinking, speaking, etc.

If they grow up with these good manners, they will be guided and will remain steadfast, by the permission of Allah, and they will grow up in a good way that will benefit them and their ummah, and you will have a great reward.



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