Tips for finding a job for educated muslim women

womenislamHow should an educated Muslim women make advantages of her university degree, especially if it is from an international university, without affecting her duties as a wife and a mother? Perhaps that the question will ask by some Muslim women.

How can an educated Muslim women share their priorities between working and their family? What should they do to make it balance?

The answer is find a suitable job that not affect their family in a negative way.

In Islam, the status of women is unique and unprecedented. Islam honors women as mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives. Muslim women should make use of their university degree, but only in a way that does not affect her family in a negative way. They should strike a balance between work and family obligations and should never neglect their essential role as wives and mothers.

Here are few tips for Muslim women when they are finding the right job so their education will useful both for her family and also for society :

1. Choosing a job that suits her situation. They shouldn't take a difficult job that exhausts them and makes them neglect their duties towards their husband and children.

2. Choosing to work less hours. This may allow them to spend more time with their family.

3. Choosing a job with flexibility. This may give them a chance to adjust their work schedule according to their family responsibilities.

In brief, Muslim women should strike a balance between work and family obligations and they should never neglect their essential role as a wife and mother.



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