Convert .xlsx file

Microsoft Office Suite 2007 had their own file format. It called OOXML. With new extention, we can open it only if we had Office Suite 2007 installed in our computer. The xlsx files is the default extention for spreadsheets written in Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Microsoft Office new file format had many protest from opensource community. Noooxml, its an online petition to reject OOXML as Office standard file format.

So if we have an .xlsx file attachment in our email inbox and download it to our computer but we dont have Microsoft Office 2007 to open that file, what can we do?

Here are 3 ways to open the .xlsx file :

1. We can convert .xlsx file to .xls file using the Microsoft Office compatibility Pack, it available here. Off course with some terms and conditions.

2. We can convert it using  this software, it easy to use. We dont have buy the full version, download the trial version and thats enough to convert your file.

3. Or we can convert it online here. They will send you the convert file via your email.