About Firefox : Some Advice and How-To


If you using Firefox perhaps this article would be useful. Everything about Firefox you must know.

• Use Exit to close entirely
When closing Firefox, use File | Exit instead of hitting the red X button. It closes every instance, even other open windows. When you reopen Firefox, all tabs are restored, and so are the separate open windows (if that's how things are configured in the options).

• Store Firefox preferences
To back up your carefully calibrated Firefox preference changes from about:config, find the prefs.js file in the Firefox Profiles folder on your hard drive and save it somewhere safe. Just drag it back there if you reinstall or lose your preferences in the future.

• Hide your tracks
If you use Firefox on a shared computer, delete the telltale traces of where you've been. Go to the Tools menu, select Options, and click Privacy. Click the Clear Now button to delete your history of sites browsed, downloads, and much more. You can also check a box to always clear private data every time you close Firefox.


• Combine toolbars
Customize and consolidate toolbars: Right-click next to the Help menu, select Customize, and drag buttons where you want—even next to the menus or bookmarks. With the Customize Toolbar box open, drag buttons between menus. The Toolbar Buttons add-on (grab it from mozilla.org) provides even more options.

• Supercharge special bookmarks
Make a shortcut for a frequently visited Web site. Find it in the Bookmarks menu, right-click it, and select Properties. Assign it a brief keyword or even a letter (like g for Google). Type that keyword alone in the address bar, hit Enter, and you're there.

• A shortcut to site search
Search a specific site often, like YouTube or a favorite forum? Find the site's search box, right-click it, and select Add a Keyword for this Search. In the Add Bookmark dialog, type the name (YouTube) and a keyword (something short like u). Then type u and the term you want in the address bar; it'll automatically jump to YouTube's search results on the term.

• Resurrect killed tabs
Bring back the tab you just closed accidentally (whoops!) by typing Ctrl-Shift-T (that's Command-Shift-T for Mac users). Ctrl-W (or Command-W) will close your current tab.

• Perform drag-and-drop search
Drag a highlighted word on a Web page to the search box to automatically perform the search—no manual cut-and-paste necessary.

• Restore deleted bookmarks
Accidentally deleted a bookmark? Go to the Firefox Profiles folder (in XP you'll find it under C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Mozilla) and find the bookmarkbackups folder. It usually holds five days' worth of backups. Change yesterday's file to bookmarks.html and replace the one in the Profiles folder.

Source : pcmag.com