Worm in yahoo messenger

Yesterday one of my chat mate send me a file, its look like in AVI files. I accept it and try to run it in my computer. Funny UST Scandal, thats the name. I am not realize its some kind of worm. That evening the worm not "working" because I am not chat with my friend. The next day this worm is really disturbing. After chat with one of my friend in yahoo messenger then it start working. This worm send message to my friend and 'his' done it by him self.

Windows become slower, browser wont work correctly, I can't open taskmanager to see what process are running. It really bother me. My antivirus (AVG) recognize this as Hidden extention.exe and AVG give a choice to ignore or to Heal it. I pick Heal it but after few seconds it comeback. I try googling to find what kind of virus is this. I found some good article about it. They said this is not a virus but IM (Instant Messaging) worm. It will duplicating in your drive, for me in drive C and D.

virus ym

Because my browser can't work corectly then I decide to 'cure' my windows from my Ubuntu. I restarting the computer and change to Ubuntu. Then look up for the google to find the best way to remove this worm. Finally I found good malware remover to remove this worm.  Download it and save in my C drive. Then  restart computer to return to Windows. Install the Remover Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe.zip. It really work well. It remove Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe from your drive. But the last one dont forget remove Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe from your C:\WINDOWS.