Women beautify her self for her husband

Please would you answer the following question which is causing rift in our marriage I’m sure there are many other couples in our situation. Can a wife beautify her self for her husband by for instance shaving her legs, arms? My wife has excessive hair and says it is bid’ah (innovation) to do so because it was never practiced in Islam; I find it repulsive. Please clarify this point for me for I cannot bear the constant arguments.

I pray that Allah helps you to bring peace and joy in your marriage. I hope it can be done if both of you have some flexible attitudes towards one another and seek to accommodate each other as best as you can.

Islam teaches us that it is the duty of spouses to do their best to appear attractive to each other. This applies equally to both spouses and is therefore not limited to wife as is often misconstrued. The following statement of the Prophet, peace be upon him, should serve as an inspiration for both spouses, “I prepare myself for my spouse just as she prepare herself for me (by appearing neat and good looking).”

Coming to how far a Muslim wife can go in beautifying herself, we can find the best role model in Aishah, the mother of the faithful and the beloved wife of the Prophet, peace be upon him: When a woman asked her, “There are some stray hair in my face; should I pluck them in order appear myself attractive for my husband?’ Aishah, may Allah be pleased with her, replied, “Remove what is objectionable and do whatever you can to appear attractive for your husband… and comply with (all of his legitimate) wishes!”; when another woman asked her about shaving unwanted hair in her body, she replied, “Do your utmost to appear yourself attractive for your husband!” In other words, women are allowed to beautify themselves for their husbands as long as they do not violate any of the orders of Allah and His Messenger, upon whom be Allah’s blessings and peace.

In light of these, there is nothing un-Islamic about women shaving their legs and arms; it is perfectly all right for them to do so. Women who are married are not only permitted; rather they are even encouraged to do so as we can infer from the above statement of Aishah, may Allah be pleased with her, who was eminently qualified to offer such rulings. If that was her ruling for a woman under normal circumstances, it would be even more strongly recommended for her to remove her hairs, if they are found to be excessive and unseemly.

It should be already clear from what has been stated above that it is rather unfair and incorrect to characterize shaving of legs and arms in the case of married women as a bid’ah. Let us therefore exercise caution against careless use of the word bid’ah. May Allah grant us all true discernment and rectitude in words and deeds-aameen.

Source: islam.ca


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that is gross...no wonder people have misconceptions and stuff. that is basic cleanlinesss, are you serious? hair traps dirt and bacteria!! thats a known fact.
I find it appauling that some muslims think its ok to smell questionable or not take care of their appearance! are u serious? Islam is a clean religion!!!
and they use Islam as an excuse or justify them not keeping up with their appearance!!!
and u wonder why people stereotpe certain cultures!!

Re: ew

Yes, it's true Sister some Muslims not take too much attention on their appearances. A wife should look beautiful in front of her husband and husban should look nice too in front of his wife.
Islam teach us to keep cleanliness in every aspect of our life. Thanks to share your opinios.