Wet Dream and Hugging/Kissing between Husband and Wife During Fasting

1. I had a wet dream while fasting. Does it affect my fasting?
2. Are husband and wife allowed to hug during fasting ?

1. If you experience a wet dream, it does not affect the validity of your fast. Your fast is broken only if you ejaculate because of deliberate activity or thinking on your part. Since you have no control over your dreams while sleeping, it does not affect the validity of your fast.

Imsak Time, Between The Preferred Time and The Permissible One

ramadhanThe time for fasting commences at Subah Sadiq (true dawn) and all scholars agreed with that and also it means the cut-off point for consuming sahur is the arrival of dawn (fajr time). This is based on Quran:

It is made lawful for you to go unto your wives on the night of the fast. They are raiment for you and ye are raiment for them. Allah is aware that ye were deceiving yourselves in this respect and He hath turned in mercy toward you and relieved you. So hold intercourse with them and seek that which Allah hath ordained for you, and eat and drink until the white thread becometh distinct to you from the black thread of the dawn. Then strictly observe the fast till nightfall and touch them not, but be at your devotions in the mosques. These are the limits imposed by Allah, so approach them not. Thus Allah expoundeth His revelations to mankind that they may ward off (evil). (Al-Baqarah: 187)

Perform Ritual Bath (Ghusl)

Ghusl or ritual bath, according to the rules of fiqh, can be performed in the following way:

1.Once you are ready to perform ghusl, affirm the intention to do so in your mind; this is important since you are doing ghusl in order to make yourself eligible for worship; after which you should do the following:

2.Wash your private parts thoroughly with water; you may use soap and something to scrub your body;

Donate Organs in Islam

organsOrgan donation is permitted in Islam if it is done within the permissible limits prescribed by the Shari’ah.

The following are the conditions scholars have stipulated for donation:

Conditions associated with a living donor:

1. He/she must be a person who is in full possession of his/her faculties so that he/she is able to make a sound decision by himself/herself;

Fasting Dispensation for Pregnant Women

ramadhan Question:

I am 4 months pregnant with my first baby and would like to fast Ramadan this year but my husband doesn't want me to as the chemical imbalance caused by fasting may harm the baby especially because the days will be long this year. Is this true? What evidence is in the Quran tells me if I can or cannot fast? If I cannot fast, what should I do? I don't know 60 poor people to feed.

Oral Stimulation Between Husband and Wife in Islam


Can a married couple gratify each other through oral stimulation?


Sheikh Ahmad Kutty opinion:

There is nothing in Islam that categorically forbids married couples from gratifying each other through oral stimulation, if it is based on consensual agreement. However, one objection that could be raised is whether the act involves consuming semen or female fluids, since they are considered najas (impure) according to Imam Abu Hanifah.

Anal Sex in Islam


As-Salamu `alaykum! What does Islam say about anal sex? What are the consequences of having anal sex on the marriage? Jazakum Allah khayran.

Answer (Group of Islamic Researchers):

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