Tips To Become Active Muslim

muslimWhat should we do to become more active Muslim? Sheikh Ahmad Kutty give some tips to follow to increase our faith and become a good Muslim:

1) Knowledge is the first pre-requisite of proper Islamic life; Imam Bukhari rightly stated in his wonderful work: “Knowledge precedes words and deeds” In other words, before anything, one should acquire the right kind of knowledge.

2) Nurture the habit of dhikr Allah. Through dhikr Allah you can always enjoy the divine grace and become protected against temptations.

3) Perform the faraid (your religious duties) diligently; while doing so, be alive to their spirit as well as form.

4) Take care of your time; time is the essence of life; if we take care to use the present-- which is all that we have for certain-- for beneficial goals and projects, we can ensure that our life is focused on good.

5) Think of life as really short and transient; so don’t complicate it by amassing things that are worthless; store up treasures of good works as a legacy for your when you die;

6) Think of every day as an opportunity to develop your body, mind and spirit; and divide your activities accordingly.

7) Join hands and cooperate with others in doing good works as much as you can; and thus turn yourself into an instrument of goodness leaving behind you a legacy of goodness when you die.