Tips to fight procrastination and laziness

muslimProcrastination and laziness that befall to many Muslims at this time is a habit that can brought Muslim Ummah to the decadence of Islam.

Islam teach us to be a diligent person, full spirit in activity and full of energy in life. Islam in past can spread quickly because Muslims at that time are guide by Qur'an and Prophet. They became energized; they shook off their complacency and lethargy, and became peak performers and achievers.

Coming to precise tips based on such a vision that one can readily apply in order to empower oneself and shake off the habit of procrastination, let us state the following:

1) Procrastination is a learned habit; habits are formed by repeated acts. So the best way to fight procrastination is to take immediate steps to do the thing one is postponing. So every time one is tempted to procrastinate, one must do whatever it takes to do just the opposite. It may be hard in the beginning, but by repeating it over and over, one learns to break the habit. This process must continue until one has learned the new habit and thus it becomes a second nature.

2) As you rise in the morning put yourself in a positive mind set by counting the blessings of Allah thus emulating the beautiful example of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), and praying to Allah to grant you a successful day full of blessings.

3) Try to start your work after Fajr for the Prophet (peace be upon him)prayed to Allah, “O Allah, bless my Ummah in their morning endeavors.”

4) Turn to Allah in supplication and ask His help in fighting sloth, laziness and helplessness through the following prayers (du’as):

Allahumma innee a’dhu bika mina al-‘ajzi wa al-kasal wa al-jubun wa al-bukhl wa ghalabati al-dayni wa qahri al-rrijaal
(O Allah, I seek refuge in You from helplessness, sloth, cowardice, niggardliness, and burden of debts and domineering men.)

Laa ilaaha illa Allaahu al-azeem al-haleem, la ilaaha illa Allaahu rabbu al-‘arshi al-‘azeem, laa ilaaha illa Allaahu rabbu al-ssamaawaati wa al-ardhi wa rabbu al-‘arshi al-kareem

(There is no god but Allah, the Tremendous and Clement; there is no god but Allah, Lord of the Great Throne; there is no god but Allah, Lord of the heavens and earth and the Noble Throne).