Risalah dan Panduan Menjalani Bulan Ramadhan

Dari Abdurrahman bin Auf radhiallahu 'anhu bahwasanya Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam menyebut bulan Ramadhan seraya bersabda: "Sungguh, Ramadhan adalah bulan yang diwajibkan Allah puasanya dan kusunatkan shalat malamnya. Maka barangsiapa menjalankan puasa dan shalat malam pada bulan itu karena iman dan mengharap pahala, niscaya bebas dari dosa-dosa seperti saat ketika dilahirkan ibunya." (HR. An-Nasa'i).

Bulan ramadhan sudah didepan kita. Bekal apa sajakah yang telah kita miliki untuk menyambut bulan suci dan dirahmati oleh Allah SWT itu? Ebook ini akan memberitahukan kita banyak hal tentang ramadhan dan pengetahuan-pengetahuan didalamnya dapat menjadi bekal bagi umat Islam untuk menjalani ibadah puasa ramadhan.

English Version:

Complete Guide (Fasting) for Muslim in Ramadan

Islamic View on Reincarnation

islamicfuneral Question:

Dear Scholar,

What is your view regarding the re-incarnation belief held by the majority of Hindus?


Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

As Muslims, we do not believe in the re-incarnation. We believe that Allah created Adam and Eve and from them the human race descends generation after generation.

How to Approach and Treat Non-Muslim Neighbors

neighbor The neighbor holds a special status in Islam. Islam encourages Muslims to treat their neighbors in a gentle way that reflects the true and genuine spirit of Islam as exemplified in its tolerant aspect especially with people of other faiths. It makes no difference whether the neighbors are Muslim or non-Muslim. Further, a Muslim must be good to his neighbors, no matter their religion.

Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr: Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said, "The best companion in Allah's estimation is the one who is best to his companion, and the best neighbour in Allah's estimation is the one who is best to his neighbour." Tirmidhi and Darimi transmitted it.

Below are ten tips on how to approach your non-Muslim neighbors in a kind way that exemplifies Islamic manners:

Muslims View on Holocaust

genocide Question:

As Muslims, what opinion should we hold of the Holocaust? Some religious people I know said that it was a good thing. Surely, Islam does not teach the mass murder of millions of people as a good thing?

As Muslims we are not allowed in Islam to condone holocaust, genocide, or murder of any people, regardless of their religious, ethnic or racial affiliations. Allah says, "For that cause We decreed for the Children of Israel that whosoever killeth a human being for other than man slaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if be had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had: saved the life of all mankind." (Al-Maidah: verse 32). The fact that they are Jews does not make any difference.

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Oral Stimulation Between Husband and Wife in Islam


Can a married couple gratify each other through oral stimulation?


Sheikh Ahmad Kutty opinion:

There is nothing in Islam that categorically forbids married couples from gratifying each other through oral stimulation, if it is based on consensual agreement. However, one objection that could be raised is whether the act involves consuming semen or female fluids, since they are considered najas (impure) according to Imam Abu Hanifah.