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Updated: 21 hours 13 min ago

Mini-camera captures Japanese solar sail cruising in orbit

Wed, 06/16/2010 - 18:51
A small free-floating camera returns images of Japan's solar sail, Ikaros, in flight.

Sony shows off PlayStation in 3D

Wed, 06/16/2010 - 17:34
The electronics firm lifts the lid on its forthcoming PlayStation releases, some of which feature 3D for the first time

Japan unfurls solar sail in space

Wed, 06/16/2010 - 17:29
Japanese scientists celebrate the successful deployment of their solar sail Ikaros.


Wed, 06/16/2010 - 15:14
Has Nintendo come up with another console winner?

Fading data could improve privacy

Wed, 06/16/2010 - 15:04
By making personal data 'fade' over time it could be possible to improve privacy online, according to new research.

Drastic measure

Wed, 06/16/2010 - 00:20
Could a bomb seal off the Gulf of Mexico oil leak?

Tech Brief

Wed, 06/16/2010 - 00:16
Digital graffiti, robot lights and Google's house hunt

Tech Brief

Wed, 06/16/2010 - 00:16
Apple's donation policy, plus the future of typing

Microsoft slims down Xbox console

Tue, 06/15/2010 - 23:43
The firm launches a slimmer, more powerful Xbox 360 console ahead of the E3 video games convention in Los Angeles.

Worldwide release for Office 2010

Tue, 06/15/2010 - 20:02
The consumer launch of Microsoft's Office 2010 has seen the software go on sale around the world.

Wikipedia unlocks divisive pages

Tue, 06/15/2010 - 17:52
The online encyclopaedia says it has taken an "important step" towards opening up some of its most controversial articles.

Tighter security controls for net

Tue, 06/15/2010 - 16:01
Technology comes on stream to safeguard the web's address system and make it harder for criminals to create fake sites.

Red Hat man

Tue, 06/15/2010 - 15:45
Opening up software... and now books

Microsoft unveils Xbox 'Kinect'

Tue, 06/15/2010 - 00:03
Microsoft reveals details of its hands-free motion control system for the Xbox 360 console, which it has rebranded Kinect.

Tech Brief

Mon, 06/14/2010 - 18:46
A solar powered bulb, and how NOT to get an iPad


Mon, 06/14/2010 - 17:19
This Christmas, will gamers Kinect or Move?

ITV HD viewers miss England goal

Sun, 06/13/2010 - 18:10
ITV apologises to its HD channel viewers after a "transmission problem" caused them to miss England's first World Cup goal.

Tech Brief

Fri, 06/11/2010 - 21:51
Fraud by AI and a virtual festival in Middle Earth.

Mamma Mia! It's the voice of Mario, Luigi and Wario

Fri, 06/11/2010 - 21:30
Charles Martinet provides the voices for some of Nintendo's best loved characters, including Mario, Luigi, and Wario.

See here

Fri, 06/11/2010 - 20:54
Why humans can be bad at spotting big changes