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Updated: 21 hours 13 min ago

Tech Brief

Fri, 05/21/2010 - 19:37
Back to the future for Starcraft II and data genomes

'Rogue' internet firm shut down

Fri, 05/21/2010 - 17:03
A web firm that actively 'colluded' with many net criminal groups has been dismantled by US authorities.

Rivals line-up against Facebook

Fri, 05/21/2010 - 15:25
The furore over Facebook's privacy policy has breathed new life into a range of projects aiming to develop alternatives.

Google launches smart TV service

Fri, 05/21/2010 - 04:22
The search giant joins with Intel, Sony and Logitech to launch a TV service that unites broadcast and web content.

Adobe unveils Flash for mobiles

Fri, 05/21/2010 - 00:18
Google has become the first phone maker to back the latest version of Adobe's Flash software.

Pakistan blocks access to YouTube

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 23:21
Pakistan blocks YouTube, a day after barring access to Facebook in a row over drawings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Tech Brief

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 23:02
Digital faux pas and when it's OK to talk to teddy

Europe offers big boost for net

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 21:28
The EU lays out its five-year plan to increase broadband speeds across Europe and ensure universal access by 2013.

Licence fee 'to fund broadband'

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 20:45
The government says it could use the licence fee to part-fund broadband roll-out, as it appoints a new broadband minister.

Artificial butterflies take to the air

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 19:54
In a bid to find out more about butterflies, researchers have created an artificial swallowtail, which can fly.

Web furore

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 17:59
Pakistanis divided over government internet crackdown

The net is not just for the young

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 16:12
The net is not just for the young, says Bill Thompson

Smartphones take world by storm

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 00:04
Mobile phone sales rise 17%, as sales of smartphones have increased almost 50% year-on-year, the latest research shows.

Chipmakers fined for price-fixing

Wed, 05/19/2010 - 23:32
Nine electronics firms receive fines totalling 331m euros for illegally fixing the price of chips used in personal computers.

Facebook mulls U-turn on privacy

Wed, 05/19/2010 - 23:27
The social network suggests it could simplify its privacy settings soon, following widespread condemnation of its changes.

Yahoo aims to bolster local news

Wed, 05/19/2010 - 22:48
Web giant snaps up a local news specialist, aiming to create more content on subjects its users care about.

Flash creator adds to Apple row

Wed, 05/19/2010 - 22:47
The co-creator of technology widely used for web video says it still has a future, despite Apple's attempts to kill it off.

British internet use 'exploding'

Wed, 05/19/2010 - 21:49
Britons spend more than 22 hours online each month, 65% more time than they did three years ago, a survey suggests.

Google downplays privacy row

Wed, 05/19/2010 - 16:03
The search firm seeks to allay privacy fears after it revealed that it had been harvesting data from private wi-fi networks.

Hotmail makeover targets rivals

Tue, 05/18/2010 - 21:47
Microsoft is refreshing its e-mail service Hotmail in an attempt to give it an edge over rival offerings from Yahoo and Google.