Creating Subdomains and Redirecting Default Mail Client in cPanel

By default, if we use cPanel and want to check webmail then we have to go to If we use that way, we'll give an options to use two mail client, squirrelmail and horde. What can we do to make one default mail client for our webmail?

We can use this way, create subdomains e.g in order to get only one mail client. Then redirecting the subdomains to your default mail client url.

1. Login to your cPanel control panel. Example :

2. Click on the Subdomains icon in Domains section.


3. You'll be presented with a blank form to fill out, with one field saying next to it. In that blank spot, enter what you want to use as your subdomain, e.g. mail. Leave Document Root field, it will automatically change. Click Create and be patient as it sets up the subdomain.

4. Once you see the confirmation message that the subdomain has been setup, click the Go Back link. Do not click Back using your browser's button.

5. In the line below the one you just entered in Step 3, select the and click on the  Manage Redirection.

6. When that page loads, enter one of the following URLs, depending on
what program you want your users to access. Make sure you include the
trailing slash!



7. Click on the Save button.

8.Point your browser to and login with your username, which is your email address, and password. You will automatically be directed to the webmail program that you defined.


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