5 Tips to Have Safe Surf for Your Children

internetkids 5 Tips to have Safe Surf for your children when using internet :

1) DON’T CHAT WITH STRANGERS- Your Parents are RIGHT when they say “DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS”. As far as possible NEVER talk with strangers in ADULT chat rooms. You really don't know who the person is that you are chatting with.  

2) E-MAIL SAFETY- Never open up any e-mail or attached files or web pages that you receivefrom people you don't know. If it looks suspicious or odd, delete it without opening it. Sometimes e-mail may contain viruses which could harm your computer. Ask your parents to install the latest anti-virus programmes.

3) ASK AND SURF. Only surf where your parents have given you permission. There's a reason why they restrict your surfing area and you should listen to them. If a web site looks suspicious or has a warning page about you being underage, leave immediately. Some sites are not meant for kids. Don't download any applications from the internet that are from questionable sites. Some sites have viruses which come free with the downloads ! So be very careful with downloads. Better be safe than sorry.

4) PASSWORDS. Passwords are a secret so don't give out your passwords to anyone. Keep it with you like you would keep a secret of your friend. 

5)BE PROTECTED-Ask your parents to install child-safe browsers meant for children. These browsers help & guide you to visit good and safe sites and automatically protect you from the bad ones.

6) SET YOUR TIME- Don't spend all your time online. Set a time limit on your computer use.

Nowadays internet give a new era for your childern. Ready or not they must face it. And right now many good sites for your children e.g. kids-online. So make internet experience feel fun for them. But dont forget to guide and give an explanation to your children when they surf the internet.

Source : Indianchild.com with slight modification


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