Multiple Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail Email Accounts Login

In my previous article, I wrote about Gmail manager, a firefox extension, with allow you to login more than one Gmail accounts and check them simultaneously. But it only for Gmail, you can't use it on other webmail service such Yahoo Mail or Hotmail.

Don't be affraid, if you have Yahoo mail or Hotmail accounts, you can still login with multiple accounts in different tabs and windows simultaneously. How?

Use CookiePie 1.0.0 Firefox Extension from Nektra. CookiePie is a Firefox®/Flock®/GNU IceWeasel® extension that enables
you to maintain different cookies storage in different tabs and windows.

How to obtain and use it?

  • Download it freely from this CookiePie Extension link.
  • Use the tab's context menu to enable CookiePie. Use right click to enable Toggle On/Off CookiePie.
  • For example: Toogle CookiePie on in two tabs, and login to different Yahoo Mail® accounts in each one.

It's easy, isnt it ?


Note : Currently CookiePie runs on Windows® and Linux. You can use it in Flock and GNU IceWeasel browser


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