Get Married Between The Two Eids

muslimwedding Question:

I have a question regarding marriage. Does Islam teach that people are not allowed to get married between the two Eids. I am told that a wedding cannot be done unless you make the engagement before the fasting month.


There is nothing in Islam that prohibits performing marriages at any time of the year. The only restrictions pertain to consummating marriages during certain times. For instance, it is not allowed to consummate a marriage while fasting, or while one is in a state of consecration (Ihram) for performing Hajj or ‘Umrah. But as far as solemnizing marriages is concerned, there is no taboo at any time of the year.

Despite the clear teachings of Islam on this issue, we find a lot of misconceptions prevailing among the Muslims today. The source of such misconceptions can be traced to the pagan superstitions about bad omens that were prevalent before Islam. Such superstitions are still strongly prevalent among many pagan societies today.

However, in Islamic terms, the Prophet, peace be on him, vehemently opposed such superstitions and categorically declared “there is no bad omen.” He taught us that only Allah has the power to bring benefit or inflict harm. He further encouraged us to think positive thoughts and use all our resources and then place our trust in Allah. In order to seek Allah’s help in choosing the proper course of action, he also instituted Salatul al-istikharah.



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