Vision or dream after having istikharah prayer?

I was told that if a person makes Istikharah he is bound to experience some vision or dream. I have made Istikharah so many times and yet I never had any vision or dream. Does it mean that something is wrong with my Istikharah?

Istikharah is to seek the right decision by invoking the power and knowledge of Allah. Human beings are weak. Our faculties of knowledge and power are limited. Allah possesses complete knowledge and has power over all things. He knows what is beneficial for us and what is detrimental to us. Therefore, as believers we ought to turn to Him always for direction and inspiration in our life. We should have firm conviction that if we sincerely turn to Allah, He will surely grant us help.

In this society we see people resorting to all kinds of superstitious practices in order to ensure their choices and decisions in life are sound. Some people turn to palm readers. The pagan Arabs used to practice divining of arrows or stirring of birds. The latter practice meant that if the bird flies in one direction it is construed as bad omen. If, on the other hand, it flies in the other direction it is construed as a good omen.

Islam puts an end to such superstitions. It teaches the fundamental principle that the knowledge of what lies in the future is strictly the preserve of Allah and Allah alone. Therefore, the only way open to the believer is to seek the help and assistance of the Creator, whose knowledge embraces the past, present and future.

Istikharah is the prescribed method of seeking this help and assistance from Allah in choosing the most appropriate course of action. It involves the procedure of performing ablutions correctly and offering of two Rak'ahs after which one reads the Du'a Istikharah. The Prophet, peace be on him, said, "Whosoever makes Istikharah he will have no reason to regret."

After having made the Istikharah, a person proceeds on the decision that he deems good, and that decision will be blessed by Allah. Istikharah does not necessarily involve one to experience a vision or dream. It is possible some people may have a vision or feel impelled within their own conscience to move in a certain direction.



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