Is it wrong to shape one’s eyebrows?

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Is it wrong to shape one’s eyebrows if they are too broad?


There is a difference of opinion among scholars regarding whether one is permitted in Islam to shape or trim one’s eyebrows.

According to a group of scholars, shaping one’s eye-brows is considered as forbidden, and they cite the following statement of the Prophet (peace be upon him): “Allah has cursed women who tattoo their bodies, wear false hair, those who pluck their eye-brows, and those who artificially widen gaps between their teeth.” They say: shaping eyebrows or trimming them falls under the same rule.

As opposed to the above, other scholars consider shaping eyebrows or trimming them to be permissible. They say: the prohibition in the above hadith is specifically refers to plucking eye-brows, and it is prohibited because it is akin to mutilation, and also it is more likely to result in defaming one’s face. As opposed to this, shaping eyebrows-- if they are excessively lengthy or thinning them if they are excessively thick-- is enhancing Allah’s creation, rather than mutilating it. Its analogy, therefore, is to trimming of moustache or cutting of hair, etc., which are not only permissible but may also be recommended.

In light of the above, according to these scholars, it is considered permissible to shape or trim one’s eye brows if they are excessively lengthy or thick for the purpose of appearing neat and tidy.



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