Is it allowed in Islam to use viagra or drugs to enhance sexual pleasures?


Is it allowed or accepted Islamically that people use this Viagra or other kinds of drugs to enhance their sexual pleasures?


A Muslim must never live solely for gratification of sexual pleasures. However, since sexual fulfillment has been considered as a legitimate human need, according to Islam, it is considered permissible for a person to make use of drugs that are considered safe—if he is suffering from a sexual dysfunction.

But, if there is no issue of sexual dysfunction, then it is not recommended for anyone to use such drugs to enhance sexual pleasures. Islam teaches us to stick to the path of moderation in all things. One should not spend his whole lifetime in the bedroom.

We must, therefore, establish proper balance in our life and give due measure of importance to all of our legitimate needs and desires. The Prophet said, “Your body has rights, your soul has rights, your spouse has rights, and your guests have rights; so give each one his/her rightful due.”



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