Wife's menstrual period is not regular, what about her prayer?


My wife's menstrual period is not regular. Some times it comes after two or three months. Then it will not stop within normal days. Sometime it will continue for nearly one month. This time her period started to flow little by little and then it flow heavily. Can she restart her fasting and prayer? Does she have to wait till the blood stop completely?


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the World; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

The majority of the Muslim scholars are of the opinion that the maximum period of the menses is fifteen days. Therefore, the bleeding after this period is considered Istihadah (prolonged flow of blood). During Istihadah one should not give up performing prayers and fasting.

After studying all the Ahadith that deal with the subject of Istihadah we conclude that the situation of such a woman must be among the following three conditions:

1. The woman knows her customary period; in this case she should act according to it. When the period comes she gives up praying, fasting, etc. When it ends she has to take a ritual bath and has to start offering all the religious obligations like prayers, etc.

2. In the second case, she is able to distinguish the blood by its colour or odor. She should then behave according to the type of the blood she observes.

3. In the third case, she does not have any usual period or she had once but forgets it and she is even not able to distinguish the blood whether it is the blood of menses or Istihadah. In this case, she should consider the menstruation period six or seven days, which is the most common period among normal women.

This is the summary of many Ahadith reported on this subject.
From the above details the questioner knows how to act if the blood continues one month or more.
As for the matter if the bleeding is less than usual or when it comes little by little, in this case whenever she observes cleanness and purity she should take a bath and offer prayers and fast even if the period does not come to an end.
Allah knows best.

Source: Islamweb.net


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