How many children did the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have?


How many children did the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have and what were their names?


The Prophet, may Allah’s choicest blessings and peace be on him, had a total of seven children: four daughters and three sons;

Names of his daughters were as follow:
1. Zaynab
2. Ruqayyah
3. Umm Kulthum
4. Fatimah.

His sons were:
1. al-Qasim; the Prophet was called after him Abu al-Qasim;
2. Abd Allah who was also variously known as al-Ttayyib and al-Ttahir. Some historians assume these were other than Abd Allah—an opinion which has been rejected by the sound scholarship.
3. Ibrahim, who was the last of his children.
His first born was al-Qasim; he was followed by Zaynab, after her Ruqayyah, followed by Fatimah, then Abd Allah, all of them were born to his first wife Khadijah in Makkah.

Finally, in Madinah Allah blessed him with his last son whom he named Ibrahim after his ancient father Prophet Ibrahim; Ibrahim was born to Mariyah, his Egyptian wife. All of the Prophet’s sons died in their tender years: His first born al-Qasim died at the age of two, Abd Allah also died while he was toddler; while his last son Ibrahim died when he was merely eighteen months old.
All of his daughters died before him except Fatimah, who survived him, but died shortly six months after him.
May Allah send down His choicest blessings and peace on His chosen servant and Messenger Muhammad, his family and companions and may He grant us all the honour of being gathered upon resurrection under his flag-aameen.



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