Ramadan preparation: What is the importance to get our bodies ready for Ramadan?

ramadhan Question:

What is the importance to get our bodies ready for Ramadan?


For most people, Ramadan means that your way of eating, sleeping and living will change dramatically. Any dramatic change on the body can cause physical and emotional stress.

In the case of Ramadan most people undergo many changes. Some of these changes may include: sleeping fewer hours, sleeping different hours, eating more sugar, eating richer foods, eating less food, eating at different times, drinking less water, praying more frequently, and more.

To minimize the emotional and physical stress on our body we can prepare for Ramadan before it starts. By doing this we are better able to fulfill our duties of fasting and prayer during this holy month. Additionally, we are able to function better, get more work done and enjoy Ramadan more when we are feeling less stress.

Source: Islamonline.net


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