Can fasting affect the quality and quantity of milk in breastfeeding women ?

bayi Question:

I have heard that fasting can affect the quality and quantity of milk in breastfeeding women and that it is therefore better not to fast. Does this apply to all breastfeeding women or only for those with newborns?


Asalaam Alikum Sister,

Many women fast and nurse children of all ages successfully. I think it has more to do with the health status of the mother. The healthier she is the better quality and quantity of milk she will produce. Many women have poor diets to begin with and fasting just exaggerates an existing problem.

It is a good idea to begin to prepare by taking supplements, eating balanced meals and consuming plenty of liquids to get ready for Ramadan. Also, during Ramadan there really is no room for empty calories, especially when you are breastfeeding. Every calorie needs to count.

Another thing that happens during Ramadan is that the schedule becomes very hectic and there is little time for rest. This lack of sleep, rest, food and liquids can also affect breast milk production. It is important to also sleep so that your body can make breast milk.



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