FTP Client GUI in Ubuntu


FtpCube is a multi-platform, graphical (S)FTP client written in Python, using the wxPython graphical tookit. FtpCube's interface is based on LeechFTP by Jan Debis but its codebase has been developed from scratch and includes functionality that surpasses the original LeechFTP. FtpCube aims to provide a high quality user interface, as well as a rich feature set. The FtpCube project was born out of the author search to find a good, capable unix (S)FTP client that offered an intuitive and attractive UI.


Ftpcube offers a myriad of features including:

  • Seamless FTP & SFTP support through a modular back-end
  • Threaded browsing and multi-threaded downloading
  • Queuing of file transfers
  • Site Management
  • Recursive transfers
  • Remote Directory Caching
  • Internationalization
  • ... and more


FtpCube relies on the following to work, which may or may not come with
your system depending on your platform (but hopefully and often does):

  • Python: http://www.python.org
  • wxPython: http://www.wxpython.org
  • Paramiko SSH (Optional): http://www.lag.net/paramiko/

FtpCube is available for all platforms supported by Python and wxPython. FtpCube
will run on wxPython v2.6.3.x or greater. You will need to install the wxPython platform libraries before running FtpCube. In addition, if you want to enable the modular SFTP support, you will need to install the Paramiko SSH library. Note that the Paramiko library is optional. FtpCube will still function without the Paramiko SSH libraries installed but SFTP support will be disabled.

Installing in Ubuntu

Ubuntu have all the libraries to run FtpCube but in different names. wxPython = python-pythoncard , paramiko = python-paramiko. Install this 2 libraries and download FtpCube application here.

k4t[email protected]:~/Desktop$ sudo apt-get install python-pythoncard

k[email protected]:~/Desktop$ sudo apt-get install python-paramiko

[email protected]:~/Desktop$ tar xvzf ftpcube-0.5.1.tar.gz

[email protected]:~/Desktop$ cd ftpcube-0.5.1/

Install FtpCube with this command :

[email protected]:~/Desktop/ftpcube-0.5.1$ sudo python setup.py install

Run FtpCube from console :

[email protected]:~/Desktop/ftpcube-0.5.1$ ftpcube




ftpcube-sftp protocol.png

FtpCube is good application and maybe one of best ftp client GUI in Linux platform.

u da man

this ftp client is sick... i cant believe it's not in the ubuntu/deb repos....sheeeei tnicca


Yes, you're right. It was OK when I use it several time, but one day it stop working, seems crash with other programs. Now I am using Filezilla for uploading my file and it quite OK.