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3B is a web browser which puts websites in a 3D environment. The browser uses virtual streets which have websites to the left and right; this attempts to recreate a window shopping experience. The browser contains stores, as well as several topic focused cities which feature both commercial and non-commercial websites. Each city contains roughly 800 websites on subjects such as photography, comics and fashion.

3B, a free application from Three-B International, is one of the best implementations of a 3-D or virtual reality Web interface, providing an attractive interactive environment for online shopping and information gathering that mimics real-world movement in many ways.

3B also has a 'village' feature, where users can place photos or web pages in their own 3D world.


3B contains three different views. The 3B view shows the web in 3D, the map view shows the layout of a city or store. From this point, you can choose a particular web site and 'take a taxi' to it. When you click on a web site within the 3B view, you are switched to Web view in a conventional web browser - are badged version of Firefox.

It is not a true web browser, as the program requires online registration with an email address - as such it is more of an online service with a dedicated client. In contrast, most web browsers are standalone programs not requiring an internet connection to use, or registration with any online body.

System Requirements :

Internet connection :
3B is for broadband users only.
  • PC-only (Mac and Unix coming soon)
  • Pentium III or higher-specification processor
  • Direct X 8.1 or greater
  • Main memory: 256 MB minimum, 512 MB recommended
  • Video card memory: 32 MB minimum
  • Available hard disk space: minimum 1 GB, recommend 3 GB or more.
Operating system :
Windows XP or Windows 2000
Compare to other browser, perhaps 3B is not the great one. Added value from 3B are in combining conventional browser function and interactive online shopping with other features such chatting or make your own room with 3D view.3B give other great experience for online shopping.

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ada referensi lengkapnya

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ada referensi lengkapnya tentang virtual streets??
saya bisa lihat web tersebut di alamat mana??

Re: ada referensi lengkapnya

Mungkin maksudnya referensi tentang browser 3B ya? Maaf saya lupa taruh linknya. Untuk demo dan mendownload browser 3B bisa ke alamat berikut: http://3b.net/browser/newhome.html