Open Block Sites

Friendster, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube are some of sites usually blocked by the network administrator in your office, college or school. Off course totally dont blame the network administrator on your place. Friendship sites are good but sometimes we forget how much time have we spent all day long in front off internet just doing searching friend, send email to a friend, finding new friend or just updating your profile and other friend testimonial. Because of that reason many company restricted some sites, they marked some sites with label "unproductivity sites".

Not only at office, this rule also carry out by some college and school to their students. The most common use is in schools or office where many blocking programs block by site rather than by code so we can use some proxy sites to handle it. One of good proxy sites is This site presents a secure web-based page that takes a site that is blocked and "circumvents" it through to an unblocked website, allowing the user to view blocked pages. This are also used by people who have been blocked from a website. Another use is to allow access to country-specific services, so that Internet users from other countries may also make use of them. An example is country-restricted reproduction of media and webcasting.

Type the URL you want in  to browse and we must wait a little bit long to open it. is good sites, you can try it.

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