False copies of the Qur'an, doesn't this contradict the idea of the Qur'an being preserved by Allah until the last day?


We know that Allah has promised to preserve the Qur’an, unlike the Gospel, Torah, etc., and it has been preserved until this day in its entirety. The problem is that I am hearing there are false copies of the Koran being made and spread, I think, in Iraq and that the Islamic curriculum is being distorted. If this IS true, doesn't this contradict the idea of the Koran being preserved by Allah until the last day. What are we to do?


Allah has promised to preserve the Qur’an intact until the Last Hour. He has done it all through the centuries.  The Qur’an has, thus, been impeccably preserved unaltered and un-tampered with like no other scripture in the world. Through the grace of our Lord, this is how the Qur’an will remain, no matter how many false copies are made and distributed. These false copies will never be accepted as the Qur’an, which cannot be anything but the Word of Allah in its entirety.

Even if, God forbid, all of the printed copies of the Qur’an were to disappear form the face of the earth, it would be restored as it has been memorized by millions of people, young and old, throughout the world. So never harbour any doubts about the authenticity of the Qur’an or the divine promise of its preservation. Allah says, “We have revealed the Reminder and We have taken upon ourselves the duty of preserving it intact.” (Qur’an: Chapter 15: 9)

As Muslims, our duties towards the Qur’an are the following:

1)     Learn as much of it as possible and read and ponder its lessons;

2)     Teach the Qur’an to others.

Source: Islam.ca