The best way to deal with depression from religious (Islam) stand point


Assalam Alaikum

What is the best way to deal with depression from a religious stand point?


Wa Alaikum Salaam,

Depression has three reasons that are participating, either any one of them or all together:

1) Lack of knowledge, which causes lack of emaan.

2) Lack of tawakkal and being materialistic in vision and calculations.

3) Sins, which means when you are sinful, depression is because of those sins. Sins act like bacteria or a virus. When you cleanse yourself from sins, you are getting rid of depression.

Dear sister, you should focus on reading Qur'an and the meanings of Qur'an and broaden your knowledge of deen. You should keep in touch with good practicing Muslims that usually remind you of Allah and the Hereafter. You should think that in depression, there is a conflict between your will and Allah's plan. When you realize that everything is in the hands of Allah, then you will never feel unhappy for any Qadr. You know that Allah says, "Maybe you dislike something whereas it is good for you or you like something whereas it is bad for you. Allah Knows, but you don't know."

Whenever you have depression, check what sins you have committed.