Tips to make your wife happy during intercourse

sexIntercourse between husband and wife is one kind of 'Ibadat in Islam. Husband and wife must enjoy each others while they have intercourse.

Below are few tips to make your wife happy during intercourse:

1. It is obligatory to do it habitually if you have no excuse (sickness, etc.)

2. Start with "Bismillah" and the authentic du'a.

Bismillâhi allâhumma jannibnash-shaytana wa jannibi shaytâna ma razaqtana.

In the name of Allah. O Allah, protect us both from (he mischief of Satan and keep Satan away from the children You grant us.(Bukhari)

3. Enter into her in the proper place only (not the anus).

4. Begin with foreplay including words of love.

5. Continue until you have satisfied her desire.

6. Relax and joke around afterwards.

7. Avoid intercourse during the monthly period because it haram

8. Do what you can to avoid damaging her level of Hiyaa (shyness and modesty) such as taking your clothes together instead of asking her to do it first while he is looking on.

9. Avoid positions during intercourse that may harm her such as putting pressure on her chest and blocking her breath, especially if you are heavy.

10. Choose suitable times for intercourse and be considerate as sometimes she maybe sick or exhausted.