Gnome and KDE Hotkeys


ALT+Tab = Task List Selection
Crtl+Alt+(F1-F12) = Command prompt
Crtl+Alt+Backspace = Restart XWindows
Crtl+C = Copy the selected text or region onto the clipboard
Alt+(leftclick mouse) = To hold on to the window/GUI and move it around
Ctrl+F = Switch to desktop
Alt+F2 = Show the panel run application dialog
Alt+F1 = Show the panel menu
Print = Take a screenshot
Alt+Print = Take a screenshot of a window
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys = Switches to the workspace to the specified direction of the current workspace
Ctrl+Alt+D = Minimizes all windows, and gives focus to the desktop
Ctrl+Alt+Tab = Switches the focus between the panels and the desktop
Alt+F4 = Closes the currently focused window
Alt+F5 = Unmaximize the current window, if it is maximized
Alt+F7 = Move the currently focused window
Resize the currently focused window
Alt+F9 = Minimize the current window
Alt+F10 = Maximize the current window
Alt+spacebar = Show the panel size window
Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys = Moves the current window to another workspace in the specified direction
Ctrl+N = Create a new document or window
Ctrl+X = Cut the selected text or region and place it on the clipboard
Ctrl+V = Paste the contents of the clipboard
Undo the last action
Ctrl+S = Save the current document to disk
F1 = Show Help
Tab = Move between controls in the interface or items in a list
spacebar = Activate or choose the selected item
F10 = Activate the left-most menu of the application window
Shift+F10 = Activate the context menu for the selected item
Esc = Close a menu without selecting a menu item, or cancel a drag operation

KDE HotKeys

ALT+Tab = Task List Selection
Ctrl+Tab = Desktop Selection
Ctrl+Esc = KDE System Guard
Alt+F1 = Start Menu
Alt+F2 = Run Command
Alt+F5 = Desktop Icon Arrangement
Ctrl+Alt+F1 = Exit to command prompt
Ctrl+Alt+(F7 or F8) = Takes you back to KDE desktop from command prompt
Alt+underlined letter = Performs task associated to the window menu panel
Tab To = move from button to button
Crtl+Alt+Backspace = Restart X Windows
Alt+(leftclick mouse) = To hold on to the window/GUI and move it around
Ctrl+F = Switch to desktop
Ctrl+Alt+Delete = Log out (safely)
Ctrl+Alt+PgUp = Reboot
Ctrl+Alt+PgDown =
Shutdown computer
Ctrl+Alt+L = Lock Screen
Alt+F5 = Show list of all windows
Alt+F1 = Show K Menu (can also be the Windows key)
Ctrl+Alt+D = Show desktop
Ctrl+Print+Take = screenshot (to clipboard, must paste it somewhere, e.g. konqueror)
Alt+Print = Take screenshot of active window only