FTP Client GUI in Ubuntu


FtpCube is a multi-platform, graphical (S)FTP client written in Python, using the wxPython graphical tookit. FtpCube's interface is based on LeechFTP by Jan Debis but its codebase has been developed from scratch and includes functionality that surpasses the original LeechFTP. FtpCube aims to provide a high quality user interface, as well as a rich feature set. The FtpCube project was born out of the author search to find a good, capable unix (S)FTP client that offered an intuitive and attractive UI.


Ftpcube offers a myriad of features including:

Street Fighter

Another classical and famous game. Street fighter. One of the most popular games of the early 1990s.


Classical game. Very popular in 80's in Dingdong Machine.


Tetris game in computer


Hit the penguin and see how far you can hit it.


Simulation of pinball machine on computer games.


Educational games. Just like quiz on television, we have to guess what word in english. Nice games for children.